For the time has come, to live with all reasons, This place is a ghost of what it once was, no more are the days of yore, The golden age of Newgrounds has past. The life shall forever be vanquished form this site. It now lives as a shell of its former self, looking just as strong and willful on the outside, but dig a little deeper, I beg of you, and you shall see the illusion fall apart.

The Dawn of a New Age

2008-11-19 22:11:13 by flashash220

I shall be leaving NG For about a year, only logging in to get my 10 experience points a day. DH is still a beta on my end, (I'm having trouble on some AS bugs) and the state of Harley's unknown, I feel the need to do more with my talents. So I shall leave NG and focus on my new direction, my vision of Apollo OS. The next and last post that I shall be posting here is a link to the description page.


2008-02-24 16:13:32 by flashash220

distant horizon was a book, made by my main man Harley, He URGED me to make a flash.
i made a quick trailer. it's, ok
expect the real deal in a few months.